What we do is different. Our professional Mentors are focused not only on the growth of your company, but on the growth and development of you and your team. We believe in building sustainable businesses that lift up society as much as the customers they serve. As such we work to help you find the best path to scalability and profitability while lessening the risk of you or your team burning out. 

All of this is provided through the personal guidance of your own Lead Mentor, our Entrepreneur in Residence and the other professionals of the entire Mentor Bureau. We are a collection of founders and subject matter experts who have been there, done that – we’d really like to give you the benefit of our experience and perspective to help you scale smoothly.

Whether you are outside one of the startup epicenters or right in the heart of one, we invite you to consider working with Mentor Bureau to complement your existing team and smoothly accelerate your startup’s growth.

Mentors provide an extra lift to raise you above the competition.Since we are more of an accelerant instead of an Accelerator, we don’t have a standard schedule or calendar to follow with our MB8 Mentorship Circle. Instead, we offer the right advice for right where you are and right where you want to go. 

To get started, we offer a free mentorship session to qualifying startups. Should we both determine that Mentor Bureau has the right experience and the right talents for your specific needs, we will determine our planned areas of focus and begin working together.

While we can work with startups at any stage, we are currently seeking companies that are already selling to customers and are likely to be pre or post series A funding.

  • We’ve seen too many startups go into their program unprepared; unable to articulate what they do clearly.
  • Startups that got questionable advice without enough information to inform their decisions.
  • Who don’t properly advocate for their best interests to get the most out of the huge amount of invaluable time invested.
  • Founders who don’t properly avail themselves of the human capital and expertise available to them after graduating the accelerator.

We are valuable for your founding team and your startup as professional mentors.

We feel that we are invaluable for you if you are associated with an accelerator. We know. We’ve been on the inside and have seen hundreds if not thousands of startups go through hundreds of programs and not ask for or receive the full benefits they could have if they were only more prepared. If they only stayed engaged with their classmates and the broader network the accelerators provide. If they only had a group of experienced, professional mentors to help them, who were accountable to the startups instead of doing them a favor.

The Right Mentor For You

Our free startup assessment is for you to get a sense of what value we can provide and to determine which of our mentors is right for where you are at right now. In our experience, as founders and as mentors, getting the right mentor is as much about chemistry and trust as it is about talent and skill. Based on the assessment and other conversations we will suggest a few mentors for you to consider as your Lead Mentor. If that Mentor relationship doesn’t work out for some reason, we will work with you to find another. If we don’t have the right Mentor for what you need today, we may be able to support you in the near future.

Let’s get started. Request your free mentorship session today.




Do you need more startup expertise on your team?

Mentor Bureau is a group of professional mentors who you can rely on for the right questions to lead to the right direction for your startup.With our holistic approach and the depth / breadth of our experiences, there are many different solutions our Mentors may be able to provide for you to deliver projects in support of your primary objectives and key results. With an array of backgrounds, industry experience and unique talents, there are many services we could provide to you to support your startups growth. While special projects are not the primary foci of our efforts at present, if we or any of our Mentors might help deliver a special project, please connect with us.

If you are seeking a longer term relationship and need advice, coaching and mentorship from former founders you haven’t been able to find on your own, request a free Startup Assessment and coaching session and let’s determine if we will be able to accelerate your business growth together.

Are you an accelerator or incubator?

Several of our core Mentors, including our Entrepreneur in Residence has worked with several accelerator programs as Mentors and advisors to the program, working to improve the overall startup journey through the program and the value created. Our lessons learned from working with different startup ecosystems around the world may be just the thing you need to take your program to the next level. 

While there are a wide array of special projects we could do with accelerator programs, we are particularly interested in:

  • Providing professional mentors for your next startup class.
  • Producing a training workshop to improve the quality of your existing Mentor program.
  • Managing your Mentor Community to improve the results they deliver to your startups and provide more value to the mentors.
  • Inviting your mentors to apply to join our network, to connect them with more opportunities to grow and connect outside of your network.

If you would like to talk to us further about our solutions and services for Accelerators, please connect with us through this specific inquiry form.