Mentor Bureau seeks to collaborate with organizations supporting the global startup ecosystem who provide unique value to earlier stage growth companies. Our current partnerships reflect the core of our belief that great companies require great founders who know themselves and who develop a a clear, easy to follow plan for all stakeholders to pursue. We work with our startup clients in implementing these solutions and developing an ongoing process management plan.

With Koan, slash time to market

Startups trust Koan to accelerate growth. Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with simple status reports and goal tracking for the entire company.

Mentor Bureau has chosen to partner with Koan after reviewing their Leadership Planning tool which enables both agile and OKR methods exceptionally well. Their product approach and road map is flexible and matches the initial needs of an early stage startup and scales easily and cost efficiently. Look for our upcoming “Growing with Startup OKR’s” online workshop soon.

Founder performance drives company performance

Founders with high self-awareness and a desire to continually grow are the secret ingredient of high-performance companies. RallyBright provides a number of performance development tools to help founders better understand their personalities and likely behaviors in different situations, and pinpoint the areas where they can make high-impact improvements.

Mentor Bureau clients are given an annual professional premium account that includes a DISC Assessment, a Conflict Style Assessment and and Active Resilience Quotient assessment. For both early and later growth stage companies, we often suggest leveraging RallyBright’s High Performance team assessments as well to resolve open issues and dramatically improve collaboration and team performance.

Become a Mentor Bureau Partner!

Working with early and growth stage startups, there are a number of different solutions which we either suggest or deploy with our clients. If you have a solution and/or set of services that support the needs of startups, please connect with us and let’s discuss the opportunity.

Please note, we do not simply promote any individual product or service unless we can validate the value it will provide to our clients.

Do you need more startup expertise on your team?

Mentor Bureau is a group of professional mentors who you can rely on for the right questions to lead to the right direction for your startup.With our holistic approach and the depth / breadth of our experiences, there are many different solutions our Mentors may be able to provide for you to deliver projects in support of your primary objectives and key results. With an array of backgrounds, industry experience and unique talents, there are many services we could provide to you to support your startups growth. While special projects are not the primary foci of our efforts at present, if we or any of our Mentors might help deliver a special project, please connect with us.

If you are seeking a longer term relationship and need advice, coaching and mentorship from former founders you haven’t been able to find on your own, request a free Startup Assessment and coaching session and let’s determine if we will be able to accelerate your business growth together.

Are you an accelerator or incubator?

Several of our core Mentors, including our Entrepreneur in Residence has worked with several accelerator programs as Mentors and advisors to the program, working to improve the overall startup journey through the program and the value created. Our lessons learned from working with different startup ecosystems around the world may be just the thing you need to take your program to the next level. 

While there are a wide array of special projects we could do with accelerator programs, we are particularly interested in:

  • Providing professional mentors for your next startup class.
  • Producing a training workshop to improve the quality of your existing Mentor program.
  • Managing your Mentor Community to improve the results they deliver to your startups and provide more value to the mentors.
  • Inviting your mentors to apply to join our network, to connect them with more opportunities to grow and connect outside of your network.

If you would like to talk to us further about our solutions and services for Accelerators, please connect with us through this specific inquiry form.


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