All of the skills and knowledge needed to build successful startups already exists, it’s just not widely distributed. Mentor Bureau aims to fix this and many other problems in the global startup ecosystem by bringing a higher degree of professionalism to mentorship. If you have been accepted into an accelerator or incubator program, we can maximize the value you receive from it.

Startup Growth Advisory

We do startup intelligence – weekly advisory sessions on growth strategies, decision making and operational design. Stand on our shoulders. Let us give you a better perspective, ask better questions, get better results.

Founder/Team Coaching

We do emotional intelligence – ongoing coaching to manage the personal and interpersonal issues that often get ignored until they blow up. Lean on our shoulders. When you are struggling, and have no one else to talk to about your startup strategy, you can talk to us.

Advisory Management

We provide independent advisory – evaluating all of the different advice you are getting from your team, customers, investors, advisors and accelerator programs can be overwhelming. We help you make sense of it, ask the right questions and help you choose the right direction.

"Mentors are your best shortcuts to lasting success"

We are not your typical mentors, we are a network of well connected silicon valley veterans, startup founders and subject matter experts who enjoy scaling startups. Learn more about what we do and how we can help you.

Meet the Mentor: Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen makes it easier to do great work by helping companies and teams double their productivity and pursue their passions. An internationally-acclaimed thought leader, who is known for extremely useful content, with a passion for making it easier for...

Meet The Mentor: Elisa Camahort Page

Known as the co-founder and COO of scrappy start-up-turned-pioneering-global-women’s-media-company BlogHer, Inc., Elisa is now focused on writing, speaking, and consulting with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and organizations at the inflection points when...

Spring and Summer 2019 Accelerator Program Deadlines

You can't grow if you can't go? Well, not everyone can leave home for a few months to do one of these top tier accelerator programs, which is another benefit Mentor Bureau can provide some of you - remote mentorship, wherever you are in the world.But if you are...

The Five V’s of Product Management Prioritization

I spent this past week with some incredible entrepreneurs as part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator program in Singapore to support the graduation of their Asian participants in class 3. It was an extension of the mentoring we provided them back in February in San...

BRACE Yourself, For True Innovation

Beginning with the end in mind, let me put this insight into context for you. BRACE Yourself, in the lead role of Ecosystem Thinking's Change Agent Mantra is hiding an acronym which I will share with you in this post, where the last letter E stands for Empathy. I...

Do you need more scaling expertise on your team?

Whether you are outside one of the startup epicenters or right in the heart of one, we invite you to consider working with Mentor Bureau to complement your existing team and accelerate your startup’s growth.

Since we are more of an accelerant instead of an Accelerator, we don’t have a standard schedule or calendar to follow. Instead, we offer the right advice for right where you are and right where you want to go. As a new startup ourselves, we follow our own advice, and will only be taking on eight (8) startups to join our first Startup Circle.

To get started, we offer a free mentorship session to qualifying startups. Should we both determine that Mentor Bureau has the right experience and the right talents for your specific needs, we will work to create an action plan and begin working to support you and the growth of your business.

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Mentor Bureau will be hosting regular office hours online and around the world over the coming weeks and months ahead. Our first will be online Wednesday 20 March at 1200PST. To receive your invitation to join us live to get your questions answered, subscribe to our weekly newsletter. In addition to getting details on who will be hosting office hours when and where,  subscribers get access to exclusive articles from our network and updates from around the startup ecosystem.