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Our Vision

Our broad vision is to improve the overall efficiency of the global startup ecosystem by better serving the startup mentors, advisors and experts who can truly get the work done. We start today with recruiting our MB8 Circle 1 cohorts, proving our value to them and building a strong foundation on which we may grow. Where we go from here… well, we have some ideas, but first things first.

Our Startup Services

The main focus of Mentor Bureau is in helping startups to find a smoother path towards scaling a more sustainable business. We seek growth stage startups who meet a certain set of criteria. We are an accelerant not an Accelerator. We do not seek equity from startups who pay for our services.

Our Mentor Bureau Network

We are operating more as a Mentor Guild internally, working to raise the level of professionalism of startup mentorship / advisory work. The initial network was recruited by our Entrepreneur in Residence, Chris Heuer, through his own experiences working for over a decade in Silicon Valley and building a global network of thought leaders from his work as global chairman of Social Media Club. If you would like to join the Mentor Bureau Network, please complete this initial interest form and we will be getting back to you within a few days. Our priority right now is focused on finding great startups to whom we can provide immediate value.    

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