Free Mentor Session Criteria:

  • Have engaged with an accelerator program (previously, currently or in the near future)
  • Striving to create a sustainable business, which gives more then it takes from the world
  • Have a diverse leadership team or are seeking to recruit a diverse leadership team
  • Have a product being used by actual customers
  • Seeking to grow nationally or internationally (i.e. not a traditional “small business”)
  • Have raised or made sales of at least $100,000
  • Are willing to be coached by a trusted, objective advisor

If you are unsure, please do complete the form so we can make an initial connection and perhaps find ways to help each other in the future. We will invite everyone who completes this assessment request into our free community group for connecting with other startups around the world who share similar values and objectives. In the future we will be expanding this criteria as our network grows to serve a wider variety of entrepreneurial endeavours.

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