Kristie Wells

Mentor Catalyst

Kristie Wells teaches organizations how to build stronger relationships with customers that lead to greater lifetime value. From this relationship+revenue perspective, she helps position and activate the brand’s story in a meaningful way to build a genuine sense of community, improved loyalty, and greater customer advocacy.

With an extensive background in community management, social media engagement, partner relations, and digital marketing, Kristie has often served as the primary liaison between companies and their customers, internally and externally. Her approach spans the traditional siloed operations of sales, marketing, and support, creating a customer experience continuum that builds trust, decreases costs and increases revenue.

While her roles and titles have changed with the times, her passion to connect people, ideas and resources remain at the core of the programs she has helped create and shape for both consumer and B2B brands. She has developed influencer programs for brands such as Lenovo and Southwest Airlines, led international social media/content marketing efforts for and she has established marketing departments for numerous technology startups.

As the Co-Founder and President of Social Media Club, she led numerous efforts to bring professionalism and accountability to the global social media movement, mentoring and assisting 1000s of volunteers to launch 350 chapters in cities around the world.



Skills: Content Marketing, Community Development, Engagement Strategy, Influencer Relations, Partner Relations 

Industry:  B2C/B2B, Genomics, FINTECH, Healthcare, Entertainment

Stage: Seed Stage, A Round

Mentorship Programs: Directly with CEOs and C-Suite  

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