Florian Brody

Florian Brody

Expertise: Product Strategies, International Strategies, EU Companies entering Silicon Valley, Branding, Design Strategies

Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer

Expertise: Ecosystem Thinking, Customer Experience Design, Engagement Strategy, Product Development, Team Coaching

Michael Jay Moon

Michael Moon

Expertise: Startup OKRs, Lightweight Cultures, Position Agreements, Multi-Sided Markets, Healthcare

Do you want more startup expertise on your team?

Mentor Bureau is a group of professional mentors who you can rely on for the right questions to lead to the right direction for your startup.Whether you are outside one of the startup epicenters or right in the heart of one, we invite you to consider working with Mentor Bureau to complement your existing team and accelerate your startup’s growth.

Since we are more of an accelerant instead of an Accelerator, we don’t have a standard schedule or calendar to follow. Instead, we offer the right advice for right where you are and right where you want to go. As a new startup ourselves, we follow our own advice, and will only be taking on eight (8) startups to join our first Startup Circle.

To get started, we offer a free assessment to qualifying startups. Should we both determine that Mentor Bureau has the right experience and the right talents for your specific needs, we will determine our planned areas of focus and begin working together.

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