Chris Saad

Mentor Catalyst

I build Strategies, Products, Messages, Brands, Ecosystems, Standards and Startups.

I am interested in both the form and the function. I prefer streams over pages, liberal over conservative, open over closed. I am interested in helping others succeed so that we can all work and play in shared personal and professional success.

I have been a leader in the following fields…

– Startups
I have started, built and run a series of great startups. Most as CEO, all as co-founder.

– Product Management and Design
Designing Minimum Viable Products (MVP), User Experience, User Interface, Baking in social etc.

– Developer Platforms
APIs, SDKs, Ecosystems & more. Built a platform from 0 to 85 Billion API calls a month (Echo). Ran Product for Uber Developer Platform.

– On-Demand/Sharing Economy
Building two-sided marketplaces, managing reputation & trust, marketplace management etc

– Future of Media
Worked with all major media including ABC, Reuters, CNN, AMC, TechCrunch etc to help them design and build next-generation media experiences and monetization models.

– Enterprise BD, Sales, Strategy & Support
Building, selling and supporting products into large brands and media companies. I worked with central product and IT groups at CNN, Univision, NASDQ, Disney, UMG, NBCU, Coke, Fanta, AT&T and more.

– Data Portability
Developing, participating in and inventing open standards and protocols for interoperability between independent services and tools.

– Unbundling
The breaking down of companies, apps, services into more discrete component parts for hyper-personalization and disruption at runtime.

– Silicon Valley
Fundraising, key players, politics, relationships, logistical and cultural insights, etc).

– Social Media Strategy
Techniques for participating in, influencing and leveraging social media to grow new markets, influence thought leaders and drive industry conversations.


Skills:  Platforms, Developer Community, Product, Strategy, Team Development, Business Model Development

Industry:  On-demand/Gig Economy, Transportation, Media, Technology Platforms

Stage:  Series A, B, C Preferred

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